Post Location and Price
By k5kw79
I have a 79 K5 half done, for sale. Buy it for the parts or finish it and use it. Lots of parts, if you are serious please shoot me an E-mail, want to sell the whole deal as one and not part out. This is a comlplete rolling unit that will go right on a trailer. Located South of Chadron Ne.
1979 Ford Hi pinion 60 front, 5.12's with a detroit.
14 Bolt rear 5.13's with a detroit, and disc brakes.
Built TH350 & ORD Doubler. Skid plate under the whole mess. Alcan Springs.
5 - 42" TSL's with Staun inner liners.
E-mail is: Or text only please to 303-919-3047 Sorry my bad...
Thanks KW.
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