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By allgonoshow
This will be ride height. I have the drivetrain mounted. I have all the tabs, coil towers/buckets, link and truss material. I just need to find time to put it all together. I will rebuild the 429 and C6. I am also going to build forward sweeping 180 degree headers. Exhaust will follow the line of the frame on the passenger side. It will have a couple bullet type mufflers on it.


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By axleater
Good to see some progress pics! How about your racer? Buffalo chip in June!
By allgonoshow
I really would like to make some time to do some racing this summer. I plan to take the Ford out a lot this summer. This may be the last summer for the old Ford, might get tore down for a different build.
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By axleater
More ford action is a really good idea!
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