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By pineappletuna
Front axle skid keep it light as possible trying to keep the unsprung weight to a minimum
By redtoy
That is coming along nicely. Keep up the good work [smiley=beer.gif]
By pineappletuna
Back seat is mounted had to modify a little for it to sit 3" back from original mounting location
By bronco_jeep
Like the way you put that seat in back.
Also the front 60 look great with that skid or is it for a winch can't see it too well ? [smiley=tekst-toppie.gif]
By pineappletuna
Thanks and the skid is protecting the hydro ram and has a shackle mount for sucking down the axle
By pineappletuna
Side panels are on not sure I I like them yet but they will work
By Ryan283
It's amazing how the skins have such a dramatic effect on the aesthetics of the rig.

Looks great.
Ya man looking pretty steller . Can't wait for the end product!
By pineappletuna
Yeah I think I'm gonna take a couple weeks off work in spring just to finish it up before summer
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