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By pineappletuna
It's amazing how the skins have such a dramatic effect on the aesthetics of the rig.

Looks great.
Thanks and yeah I think all those the rock bouncers need to run some skins on all that fancy tube work
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By axleater
you could wrap a rock bouncer in naked women and the ugliness would still bleed through.
By pineappletuna
you could wrap a rock bouncer in naked women and the ugliness would still bleed through. 

That is true but I would like to see one set up this way just for kicks
By pineappletuna
Got the shock mounts built and took her out to stretch a little

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By c10long
That's coming along real nice!
By pineappletuna
Well I started with the primer on the top of the frame but painting with the door closed in the garage (due to the lovely spring weather we get) I didn't get to far need some nicer weather so I can get some ventilation
By pineappletuna
Well I have everything but the body panels painted and the rear suspension is all ready now I have the transmission torn down and in the process of rebuilding with some mods and I have ordered the parts to put the front axle together just need to call up twisted and get my rcvs ordered finish bolting it together and I will be ready haha easer said than done I would say
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By axleater
On the down hill slide!
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