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By pineappletuna
Well I would post pics but the mobile site has me fouled up

I have the back seat all installed and ready fuel tank ready threw on one of the big arb compressors finished up the trans installed a trap door oil pan on the engine and got the engine and trans bolted in just need to run all my plumbing, exhaust throw in the tcase and order up some drive lines , still waiting for my rcv's for the front axle but I got my comp zip locker and gears all ready to go. I'm hoping I can get it going for the riggins run but I might just be running the ole green heep still we will see if I can get it done in time
By pineappletuna
Well I got to hear my junk yard engine run today ft the first time in the 3 years its been floating around my garage and projects that is so motivating to hear it run finally gave me a real pick up I might actually get the buggy ready soon just need to finish up some wiring and some clamps on the hydro lines and it will be ready for skid plates and panels oh and I need to get drive lines built anyone know a good shop I can order from need to be able to build a two piece wit a cv on the t case side
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By axleater
I would say the usual suspects for mail order drivelines, or build them yourself. Why a CV on the transfercase side of the front?
By pineappletuna
The cv would be to eliminate the vibration since the angles won't be parallel on both sides of the tcase to carrier drive line
By pineappletuna
Or at least that's what I've researched on two piece drive lines never ran one personally maybe it's not nessasary ?
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By axleater
might help, might not....

all a cv does is is make it so the other end of the driveline can run without any angle. doesn't matter how many u joints you have in a driveline as long as the net angle is "0".

Getting a 2 piece front driveline to be vibe free is tough because we are doing it for all the wrong reasons. The cv might help though. If you have some good info from someone who did it with success then give it a whirl!
By pineappletuna
Well I ordered up some drive shafts from je reel talked to them for a while and decided to give the cv a shot it wasent much difference in price so we will see how it works I'm hoping it will be ready next weekend but idk prolly not since I won't get anytime to test it out so I will prolly just take the green heap o jeep up for a romp in the hills
By pineappletuna
Well I took the buggy out last night for a test drive around town still waiting on the rest of my parts for the front drive line , but had a good time hot rodding around town with two wheel drive I still need to bleed the brakes some more the cutting brakes are a pain to bleed I put a pressure bleeder on it but still very spongy like the rear is full of air
By pineappletuna
Took it out and beat on it yesterday nothing to crazy but enough to get the wife cussing me wanting out although that dosent take much after she rolled her zuki but it did great I still need to wrap my headers ( the floor gets to hot to touch ) and my back brakes still have air in them but I think she is ready for the hills now so I can really test it out. Who's up for captain haha jk maybe something a little easier for the first run
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