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By axleater
Rear is welded front is still open and shafts are stock. gears are 4.10. I'm going to let natural section work its course on the shafts then when its apart for broken birfields i'm going to get a set of Dirty 30's chromoly kit and Detroit locker and be done with it. Anyone runing a Detroit in the front?

detroits are good, given the choice i wouldn't run anything but detroit or grizzly in the front. dirty 30's are ok, give jason at twisted customs a call for some rcv's / longfields. you will be glad you did!

and get some 5.29's in those diff's, those poor little out put shafts in the toyota t-cases hate being doubled up with stock gears with a 4cyl. they might just break sitting in the garage just from the fear of that fire breathing motor you put them in bed with
By Stevsie
I run a detroit front. I love mine. I have't had any trouble with it plowing in the snow or making a super boom engaging and disengaging. The rear does it sometimes and it freaks me out. I think it needs to be checked out. Its got alot of time on it. They're new to me but where wheeled for awhile before i got them.
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By axleater
is it carb'd now? if so , go with a quadrajet or 2 bbl motocraft
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