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By axleater
Yep, put a motocraft 2bbl on it and you will love it!
By MonteNorman
finnally back on the forum after the ex-member site crash...
the brutal winter has has been holding back progress on the truck but i have got out to do a little winter wheeling to test everything some more and its been doing vary well.. hope to get it out to hills this summer!
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By axleater
might have been a little better off i low range?

good to see it peeling out!
By MonteNorman
Yeah I all ways creep around the back yard in low. It was mostly down hill so I must not of noticed.. Just ordered a Detroit locker for the front so that will make a world of a difference (and give me a chance to use up my spare birfs) Cant wait to try it out in the hills this summer
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By axleater
give us a little heads up when you are heading this way so i can have my junk in a driveable condition.
By MonteNorman
I need to get it back out to the shop to bend up some bumpers and rock sliders but its just to fun to play with on days off...

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By MonteNorman
Just got my locker for my front diff! Decided to go with a Yukon Grizzly instead of a detriot.. From a week of reading forums it sounds like they are the same vary similar except the Yukon uses better materials and quality control. Hopefully post some pics if the install soon :D
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By axleater
grizzly is a good choice
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