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By MonteNorman
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Got it all set up and she works great! Even better news it looks like I'm finally moving out to the hills! The girl friend got a RN job at rapid city hospital and I got a job offer in belle fourche :D
By MonteNorman
Cant wait to try out the double low and lockers out there!
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By axleater
sweet! what will you be doing in belle?
By MonteNorman
Working at a mine 20 miles west of bf. And i'll be living on strawberry hill till we find a house to buy. Cant wait to get out there, might be moving some stuff out there next week
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By axleater
within spitting distance of handsome dan and brad riggin! you might not want to move to belle after living the good life!
By MonteNorman
The plan is to buy a house in the hills and commute to bf. Hopefully get to meet up with some of you guys soon!
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By axleater
2 weeks until Brads run, The s-10 wouldn't like it but fun to watch anyway! Get there!
By MonteNorman
We are coming out to strawberry hill all of next week so if we stay till Saterday I would love to come watch and meet some of you guys. S10 might even be coming out to meet its new playground too.. Riggins run a little extreme for intermediate rigs?
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By axleater
not good for anything with sheetmetal or glass.

No one ever believes it until they see it, so stop out and check it out!

Just sayin, glass and doors don't mix well with this one!
By MonteNorman
I'm up at the cabin for the week looking for houses. Where is everyone meeting up saterday?
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