Have a vehicle build or question, post here!
By Stevsie
Longs are a must and will be purchased when i deside to go up a few tires sizes. My 33's are bran new and were a good deal so i plan to run them awhile. and if i don't deside to make my own xmember, i'll be getting ahold of you mark.
Just trying to do a little here and there for now. Working on paying off my other truck so i can get my tacoma. That way i can sell the s10 and use the money for longs, 6 shooter's, and the trunion elminator. Then its to the moon! [smiley=cheesy.gif]
By cdawall
Mine are 10 ply p rated i believe. 3 ply walls 6 ply lugs

You sure because the only model cooper shows is a 6 ply load range c in 33x12.50R15.
By Stevsie
Well i got my IFS rear pulled from my parts truck, and pulled my hub's from it also. Just need to get the trans and tcase dropped now. Woulda got to it saturday but i smashed my foot and broke a toe. Suck's but o well. Live to learn.

if anyone needs parts from my parts truck let me know. i've made my money back on it so i'm letting everything go for only a song and dance. [smiley=vrolijk_26.gif]
By Stevsie
Also have my Land Crusher rotors on order, and i'll be replacing all wheel bearings. And using my IFS calipers.
Really thinking about moving my rear axle up some and frenching my front spring hangers into the frame. redoing the perch's would be a must. but i'm thinking i want to get my cases in first, that way i dont end up with a 1ft driveshaft or something. Still debating...Opinions? I've only sean it once on and extra cab frame and i liked how it turned out.
By Stevsie
Been busy with the toys lately. Sellin parts i dont need off the 90 and pulling what i do want. Funny how craigslist brings out all kinds of colorfull people to come pick at your parts truck. haha Had a couple tard farmers come get a torsion bar bolt cause they broke theirs trying to losen the torsion bars, so they could get tension off the a arm to get the CV axle out  :-? I took it apon myself to show them the right way to pull the CV.

Anyway, my rear axle is finished and ready to be bolted on. Its obviously from my 1990 ifs 4wd parts truck. I did new bearing's, seals, and brake lines.

I welded the rear third also. Welded the gears together then plated on top of that and welded around that for extra support. Turned out pretty nice.

I figured while i had everything apart i should do a little armor as well. Nothing fancy or anything. More for function than anything. Something is better than nothing in this case.
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