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By Stevsie
Had knee surgery just the other day. No more dealing with that anymore. For now anyway, age isn't going to treat me well.
Good thing i got all that work done when i did.
By Stevsie
Bed bob is done. Not the best work i could have done but was fighting time and cold. Looks good for a box thats all rusty anyways.

Ha ha your box looks like my bros runner! All spray foamed up ;D looking legit man, gotta love the short stuff! Looks good an when ya r going up waterfalls an dropping off truck sized boulders the box won't b holding ya up!! [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
By Stevsie
Theres actually a story to that. The guy i got my truck from lived in the back and insulated the entire box. Then put the plastic cover back in. Pretty funny. I bet it could have float
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