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By Stevsie
Thanks man! Although i did like having the box off for a bit. Got asked where it was all the time. Finially just started telling people i didn't know and that it would probably turn up at some point. That and you get little kids on someone shoulder pointing at you. Love it. Thats why i drive my toyota more than i need to.

Next thing ill be tackeling is my rear shackle angle. I plan on getting different springs or moving the existing mount up an inch or so. Not sure what i want to do yet. Still saving for the tcase adapter so thats soonish too.

By Stevsie
Mr. Steve all u need is u-bolts, take out overload and maybe another leaf would regain shackle angle, a flip kit would be nice but then u'd hafta re locate lowere shock mounts.
By Stevsie
He's a Sugar Burger Specialist. Five years strong. He's probably cooked more burgers for guys on this site than anyone and none of them would know it. 8-)
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