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By axleater
you will want to be on the lookout for some 15x8 or 7" wheels in the near future.  those fatties are bead blowin', sidewall cutting, hard to turn, too much scrub havin' pain in the beads.  $100 gets you some at the pick n pull or I know of a few sets just hanging out that could be had as well.

The more straight up and down the more you are using your shock.  Ideally you would like to have the angle of the shock follow the arc of the spring travel which would be slightly tipped back on top in your case.

mounting them at / takes away from the amount the shock is being worked thus taking away from it's ability to help control the axle throughout it's travel.

The further out on the axle you can mount them the better
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By c10long
Tried to bleed the back brakes last night. Calipers are frozen and seized bleeders. The rear axle has been disc converted and i have no idea what kind of calipers are on there. Tonight i will try to pull some numbers off the pads and caliper.

axleater- i'll let you know about those rims. Thanks for the shock 101.

Heres the front and rear shots of how it sits.

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By c10long
Front shocks and bump stops are in.  Next order of business is gettig the front drive shaft made and limit straps installed.

The first road test went great. Here are a couple flex pics.   Any concerns or criticism is greatly appreciated!

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By axleater
top notch!
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By c10long
I did some more measuring today. Looks like i can make use of my rancho shocks i had originally which is a plus. The wallet is feeling a little light right now. lol.

Just want to verify that this sounds correct as far as front drive shaft travel. 

Droop= 24.25"

Also, i should be gettin the limit straps in the mail soon!
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By axleater
one of the many benifits of haveing the fixed point of your front suspension on the back side of the axle is that your driveshaft now follows the front axle travel rather than going against it. very realistic numbers, should not be using much travel on the slip.
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By c10long
The rear shocks and bump stops are in now. Went on the first "high speed" test run. No bump steer and smooth running until 70. Then it gets a little bouncy. The 5.89s are very nice. 78 on the speedo = 65 on the gps.

The driveshaft is a combination of the stock toy and a wagoneer. Thanks dub-c for the fab hook up [smiley=beer.gif]

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By Stevsie
Lookin good man! High speed test runs are out of question for me lol I'm lucky if I can hit 55. And that's kinda scary. Like driving a piece of equipment!
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By axleater
5.89's are a nice gear for a toyota with a v-6. Shorten's up the shifts a little bit and makes them feel like they actually have some power.

looks good!
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By c10long
Thanks!  Driving a piece of equipment is correct.  Thats what makes it fun.  Maybe hydro assist will make life better? 

Good call on the 5.89's. Yes, it actually does feel like i have a v6 in there now.
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