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By axleater
before you take it out for it's maiden voyage get some rock sliders on there. 4 runner rockers only last about 9 minutes on your typical trail.
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By c10long
I did some searching for some rock sliders and after looking i'm kind of lost on which is better. So, I will build my own. Once again, i'm looking for some advice. [smiley=rolleyes.gif]
2"x3" square tubing. 3/16" wall. Sticking out 3" from the rocker.

Now, should I weld in plates on the frame where the legs will mount? Or should i just weld directly to the frame? Also, 3 mounting legs or 4? Here is a crude paint drawing of my idea.

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By twfuller
I really like the sliders Todd made for my Sami which just attach to the body and distribute the load over the entire length. The base is a piece of 12" wide 3/16 steel bent so about 8 inches goes under the vehicle. It also has a 3/4x3/4 tube running next to the pinch seam so it doesn't crush it. cantilevering sliders off of the frame can be done but they usually just bend up and crush the body. Just my .02.

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By c10long
Those sliders look nice! I don't think that will work for the 4runner due to the curved area of the rocker and door panel. Also, the bottom of the door is about 2" from the bottom of the rocker. Wish it could be done though because of the extra clearance you get by them not hanging down like regular sliders.
2×3 would look nice. Then I would do at least 4 back to the frame to support it. You should also weld plates on the ends where it attaches to the frame. Just so u have more surface to weld to or do gussets. Runner is looking to man.
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By c10long
4 posts, plates and gussetts looks like the winner. I'll pick up the steel soon and get going on it. Material cost is looking to be around $100.
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By c10long
Limit straps are now on. I have the drivers side slider almost done. Just need to finish burning a few more sides of the plates on. Then tack on the passenger side and go from there.
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By axleater
you may find those sliders a little on the wide side but might as well give em a try!
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By c10long
axleater wrote:you may find those sliders a little on the wide side but might as well give em a try!
It might be the camera angle but they stick out about 3.5" from the bottom of the rocker. They double as a step too which is a plus for me. I hope they work out ok.
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By axleater
run em
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