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By axleater
power steering cooler.jpg
This is the cooler I am using from speedway motors
power steering cooler.jpg (11.41 KiB) Viewed 2501 times
power steering can.jpg
This is the resevoir I had to go with to get enough fluid. The stock toyota resevoir won't hold enough for an 8" ram.
power steering can.jpg (15.27 KiB) Viewed 2501 times
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By c10long
I have a traditional radiator style cooler with a fan i can use. Are the heat sink style better than the one i have?
I'll look into getting a larger resivour or extending the one i have.
By pineappletuna
The heat sink style are nice because they don't require as much air flow as a radiator style but with a fan that will work fine
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By c10long
I got bored one night and extended the resivoir 2". There isnt much room under the hood so this is all that i could fit under there. I'm hoping with extending the can and adding a 3 row 12" cooler, there will be enough fluid in there for the ram. I hope this doesn't end up on the pirate 4x4 ghetto fab thread :o

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By axleater
looks like normal toyota extend o can!

the reason you need a larger resevoir is not for more fluid, but for more room for fluid. when you steer one way the shaft in the ram goes out of the cyl and the other way the shaft goes into the ram. the difference in fluid displacement is the volume taken up by the shaft itself. that is how much more room you will need inside of the resevoir to keep it from overflowing one way and starving out the other.

you can do some math to find this exact amount or just go big and it will be fine.
You should be all set.
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By c10long
The hydro assist is finally installed. I'm having issues with trying to bleed the air out of the lines. I followed TG's instructions. "turn the steering wheel lock to lock 20 times with engine off and on jack stands. Turn engine on and turn lock to lock 20 times". I'm still getting bubbles and over flow out of the resivoir. I've probably rotated the wheel another 50 times. I thought of bench bleeding the ram. Also disconnecting one end and repeating the steps above. any tips of tricks?
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By axleater
how are your lines run? If there are any low spots you will have a hard time getting the air out. you can try cracking the lines going into the cyl. kind of like bleeding brakes too.
By stormrunner
when i bleed mine i had to let it sit for a day to get all of the bubbles out of the fluid
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By c10long
I did have a low spot in the lines. It did help with getting the air out. I think my pump is done though. Its very hard to steer. Two hands while at a stop even with the idle up. It doesn't squeal or make weird noises. When its on the jack stands it turns fine with no binding
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