Have a vehicle build or question, post here!
By adamK1500
I finally got a "real" truck thanks to manch. I'm hopping to make a build thread out of this but we'll see how it goes, work might be kinda slow since i can only work on the weekends.
I've decided i'm going to mount the dual transfer cases first off, so manch, you should send me so links or names of places that i need to check out to do that. Thanks again by the way
i'll get some pictures of it up tomorrow so we can get an awesome before/after effect.
The truck should be running next weekend, it just needed a new fuel pump. I'm guessing the diaphragm just dry rotted since its a mechanical fuel pump... i can't wait to get it out to the hills and test it out! ;D
By Ryan283
what kind of Toy?
I hope it's a familiar looking 4-runner, or maybe even a familiar looking pickup.
By adamK1500
It's an 81 Toyota pickup its leaking from everywhere but it has potential. Leaking makes it full of character haha

Also, what is the box thing above the passenger side of the rear axle? It's connected to the brakes and has a bar connecting to the axle
You don't need that really. Mine has been cut out for so long! Why wats up wit it! Its a proportioning valve of some kind. It controlls the fluid pressure i guess to prevent wheel lookup at high speed stops, but ya have to get to high speeds first. [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif] Like a 22r has high speeds anyway, ha ha No really man i cut mine out and so has most other yota yeawhoo's i wheel with. Thats if your talking bout the steel thing that swoosh's from a cylinder thing and mounts to the axle on a pully thing too???
Oh and bout time ya got a yota too!! Get started on the build bro and go wheeling!! Good job... I might have a whole suspension set up for ya. Not sure wat your all going to do it or how far your going wit it!!
By missouriman
you want to keep that. It keeps the rears from locking up before the front brakes.
locking the rears first sends quite a shock load through the transfercase.
this is what I did, then adjusted it untill I had it working right.

By adamK1500
alright, so for now it can stay ha. i'm mainly working on figuring out what all is leaking, i'm gonna need a new drive shaft because the one on it has a nice big dent in it.. i think thats why the rear output bearing on the t case is shot. There is good news though, it runs! like a champ, started right up once it had gas
By missouriman
keep your old one and have it retubed.
that is if the slip joint is not shot.
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