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Far as your DL goes just go get a peice of dom and have a machine shop machine it out so that your yoke ends can be pressed into it and weld it up! I used 1/4 wall dom and and i have hammered it and only scratches on it. Never got it balanced and it still goes down the road wit no weble wooble or vibes!! I also replaced my single cv joint wit like a 88 front IFS cv joint which helped wit the vibes big time. I would recomend that at least if ya just replace with stock tube but i would go wit dom tube and get it all out of the way, it will pay off in a hurry if ya play in the roks! also here is a few pics too and the yota axleater was talk bout that is now in ND! Oh and mine is like the 3rd hardest yota wheeled in the hills [smiley=grin.gif] ;D well grants is right up der too!! the dates on my pics are wrong too it that matters [smiley=vrolijk_26.gif] Also a few pics of a mini like yours to give ya some ideas!
By adamK1500
i don't have a welder that can weld 1/4 inch [smiley=sad.gif] i would other wise.. i found a drive line shop here in sioux falls so i'm gonna call them up tomorrow and see what they'd charge me.

Still not sure about how to get that nut off tho, the bearing thats in the t case thats installed is TOTALLY shot. Theres about half an inch of play in it haha so i'm just gonna switch out the bearings, unless some one thinks it might be easier to switch out the t cases?

Someone should let me know what they think would be easier, i'm very open to sugestions!
By adamK1500
well i have two cases, i'm just trying to get everything fixed so it can drive down the street. Then i'm gonna start upgrading.
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By BrangerII
That is called a stake nut, you might be able to take a punch and push that dented in part back out. Can't really tell from the pic though.
By adamK1500
i got it off, then quickly realized that wasn't what i needed to get off :P so i might just swap the hole case instead of just the bearing
By missouriman
they are easy to rebuild, get the kit from marlin crawler.
good time to put in the 4.7 gears also.
be sure to set it up for the twin shift by leaving the interlock pill out of it.
By adamK1500
sweet, will i need two sets of 4.70s if i do dual cases down the road? i'm still not sure about how that marlin adapter works
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