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Ha ha cha dude. That thing is sweet. I might have to do that paint job [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
By Stevsie
Any serious buys yet? Time for tons? You know if they want a boat you could always get a snorkel bud.
Ya man I sold the green weenie to a local guy in sturgis. He moved here from ND a year ago. So we will still see it around. I told him to join the forum an that he should take it to riggans this year an meet the peeps. We bought a boat also now an the kids can't wait to get to the lake. Time to start a new krawler. Ha ha
By flexlarson2
Hey I just purchased the now Black Weenie from the ND guy. I dont think he wheeled it at all.
I got a couple Qs about rig if you dont mind dropping me a pm if ya know.

Axle ratio?
Axles have stock shafts or Longfields in it.
Whats in the front axle for locker ?
T-cases have for gearing stock or ?
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By axleater
He has a for sale thread from earlier this year listing all the goodies.
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By axleater
Here ya go
Screenshot_2014-12-04-07-42-45.png (368.91 KiB) Viewed 1829 times
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By axleater
Give twisted a call for some Long front shafts, A/A dana 300 doubler, JB conversions 4 to 1 gears, A/A outputs front and rear , 6 shutter knuckles and hydro steering, get that trans rebuilt and let's go play!
By flexlarson2
I got six shooters, trunnion bearing elimination replacement, 4-1, longs, (need inners), trussed housing, arp studs all around and hydro assist, TG Pump, chromo spindles so far Just need time and place to do all the work. :) Workin on that 2 movin back full time in May Brad.
As for Tranny Rebuild Who you recommend?
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By axleater
Frames garage in whitewood
Frames does awesome work! That's cool ya got the green weenie man. I do have another tranny thats better than the one in the truck now I could sell ya. Yeah he never even wheeled it but like 2 times maybe. Your gonna love it, I kinda miss it a bit. Have fun an I'm sure I'll see ya on the trail.
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