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By axleater
Well retirement isn't working out as well as I had hoped for so the cow is staying in the family with hopes of an ultra 4 car slipping away for now. That being said it is time for some changes to make it a little better. First on the list is a redo of the rear cargo area. A little chop here and a little cut there will allow for a back seat out of a YJ.
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By twfuller
I assume the back seat is for the dogs. Do they make 5 point belts for them?
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By axleater
The top of the back 1/2 of the cage is also getting changed. Will be as much room as the back of a TJ for passengers ( and puppies of course)
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By Weasel
Looks good Brad, where is the fuel tank going?
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By axleater
Behind the seat, I am going to sink in between the frame but it will still be above the floor a couple inches.
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