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By DrkPhotog
Hey everyone,

I'm a fine art / commercial photographer from Wisconsin. I'm driving out to the Badlands/ Black Hills August 16th to the 22nd. I'll be boon docking from my truck while I am out there. I was hoping to join this forum to get some help in navigation of the area. I'm mostly looking at doing some night time long exposure photography and a stary sky time lapse video, 300 shots of the Milky Way moving across the sky with I'm hoping a majestic rock formation off in the distance.

I planned on driving the typical loop the first day just to check things out but I prefer to find an angle that most people don't get to see, I'm not the touristy type. I'm not looking for any extreme off road trails as I'm just driving my Ram 1500 4x4. So... off the beaten path for sure, but preferably not rock climbing or seeing how deep of a stream crossing I can accomplish... :-)

So far the only place I have been able to find with Google maps is Sheep Mountain Rd. seems like a good place to get away from people and lights but not sure how good the scenery is there for photography. I would really appreciate any tips anyone could give me of places to go trails I would be able to drive on and best places to set up my gear! Hell, while I'm out if you wanted to meet up in the area I'd even buy ya a beer :-D

Thanks in advance for any help you can send this Wisconsinite!

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By Weasel
Sheep Mountain is in the Badland and travel up on top of a butte and overlook the badlands. It might be good but I think you'd be on top over everything. The Needles are a good area to get rock formations in and are off paved roads but you can hike around them. I'd have to do some thinking on other places. Badlands are always good spots and you can hike around them pretty easily.
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By axleater
I am thinking the old race track down by Scenic South Dakota. Would be badlands instead of Rocks but no lights for sure. It is pretty close to the Sheep Mountain Road. Access from highway 44.

Robinson flats down between Pringle and Edgemont is another area that comes to mind. There are some pretty cool rock formations down there and no lights for miles.
By DrkPhotog
Needles sounds interesting... looking at photos online it would certainly be a good foreground. Here's my issue, when I was 29 I had a total right knee replacement and I also have a bad left ankle all due to the fun of having Hemophilia. So walking/hiking long distances doesn't agree with me all that well. Short distances I'm typically ok with, under a mile on uneven terrain. Are any of these spots accessible by me and my big truck? I also have a ton of gear i'm bringing with so would hate to have to lug that over a long distance. Which reminds me... if any of you guys have a decked out off road menace that would look sweet in an off road photo I'd love to take a few shots. I'd give the owner free digital copies of the post production shots :)

Axleater... I'll definitely have to check out that old racetrack that kinda stuff is gold for a photog like me... old abandoned cars/trucks, old run down shacks in the middle of now where... photo gold :)
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By Weasel
What Brad suggested is good stuff. Needles is very cool but gets shot alot. The highway finds through them but you may or may not get traffic to deal with. Scenic or Robinson Flats is pretty much no traffic.
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