talk about general wheeling tech(i.e wheels, axles,tires also for tech articals )
By Porkchop
I have a 2010 jk. I recently put a 3 1/2 inch Rough Country lift on it. But now on the highway when ever I hit a bump, bridge or overpass, it will shut the cruise off. Turn the traction control off. The brakes kick in. And it shoots to the right. Any ideas on why? Or how to fix it? Thanks
By sicbronconut
Don't know a whole bunch about JK's but we had a guy that bent his tie rod a little at the last Challenge and it caused him a lot of grief with his ABS and traction control, did you have it aligned after the lift was installed??
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By axleater
sounds like a cable routing issue, are the brake lines, abs lines and e brake lines all lowered to compensate for the lift?
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