Discussion about kicking it out of low range.
By pizza_boy
if it doesn't interfere with anyones plans the pizza place would like to provide dinner for the brave racers from rapid on sat nite.
thinking brisket, corn on cob, dinner rolls w/honey butter, beans, and maybe slaw
By Ryan283
Oh good god this is fantastic news.
By Ryan283

To reach the track, we always leave Powell and head East on the highway to Garland.
Then go North for 2.4 miles.  Then turn off the black top and head west on the gravel for a bit (Ln 5).  The turn off to the track area is on the North side of this gravel road.

Pin on map is where the "turn off" is.

sorry that's the best I can do.
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By twfuller
I think I needs to turn my XJ into a racer so I can participate in the food. You are great Brad :)
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By axleater
By Damon007
I do think We would need to switch the XJ into a racing therefore i can be involved in the food. You are fantastic Brad: ).
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