Discussion about kicking it out of low range.
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By axleater
What was all the scuttlebutt with Slawson at the end of the race?
By Ryan283
Those who either lost, or were friends with somebody who lost were upset they lost.
They found and easy way to hate on Slawson to justify their butt-hurtedness

That's what I make of it.
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By axleater
Results still -
1 slawson
2 miller
3 Shirley

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By axleater
Found this
Screenshot_2015-02-09-16-39-45.png (154.91 KiB) Viewed 1792 times
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By Weasel
The pit location set it up so at some point you would make a u-turn either coming in or out to get back on course. Slawson made the u-turn and kicked up roost in the direction of Cambell's team. They said he was still under speed limit of pit and he apologized.
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By axleater
That clears it up!

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