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By Stevsie
Test drove it last night. Going to have to pull the plastic ring off of my shifters. When i get flexed it makes the drive train move and everything starts poping and braking lol Making shifters hard to shift. Also going to have to address the rear shackle angle now. going to move them up some and mount them off the back i think so i can get it a tad lower back there.
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By axleater
mount you shackles off the top of the frame. keeps them inline and allows you a longer shackle for more travel
By Stevsie
So I'm not plannin on working on my yota for awhile. Things in my life are tough right now and I have no motivation. I did just get a nd job so my plan is to go to work for at least the summer. Then tear it down next winter for an engine rebuild /swap and some reworking. So I won't be doing much wheeling this summer I think.
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By axleater
Nice work on the new job! With all that oil money comes huge lack of responsibility along with the ability to have someone else fix your junk for you.

save up a couple of months pay and have jason order up a pair of spider 9's, a cute little LS, a 4l60 and an atlas, and mount up some sticky 37's. Drop it off at twisted, come back a month later and wheel away!

(ND oil money is the quickest and easiest way to build a rock crawler!)
By Stevsie
As ideal as that sounds it'll be a bit. I was thinking more along the lines of a down payment somewhere to live personally. Lol
Bummer dude. Guys got to do what he's got to do. Good change up der but man its not cool. Actually its not bad if ya live Minot . I was up der 2weeks ago for a week an we just lived in a motel that week. 2hr drive every morn an night but the hot tub was ball n after a cold windy raining day. Good luck bro.
By Stevsie
Back at it again. Ill get pics up later. Ive now got a solid rear shaft and power seats from my old supra. Planning on doing something with the rear bumper soon. Ive got an extra set of door to hack up and another motor to throw in. Hopefully anyone following me this year doesn't have to eat blue smoke. haha
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