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By axleater
sounds like there might be some work/play time on bikini and t back this weekend. I am out, heading east........
By pineappletuna
Sounds like fun what day was everyone planning on and my hard hat and steel toes are good to go to work
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By axleater
you actually have to sign up on the list to give the forest service before being able to "work" on the trail. Weasel has the details
By pineappletuna
Picture test I might figure this out one of these days
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By Stevsie
Looks good! Like something anyone would want to wheel. What are the plans for the peej now that this is about done ?
By pineappletuna
Thanks and its kinna for sale the wife says it needs to go but I'm in no hurry I still like it but I would let it go if somebody made me a decent offer
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By axleater
i think that is the best looking ibex out there. (sorry norby)
By pineappletuna
Wheeling in my parents front yard pretty hard core stuff :lol:
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