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By c10long
Between the bump stops and the limit straps, i'm not too sure why it happened. No binding with the shock while flexing. Should have the patch and frame reinforcement done tonight.
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By c10long
Frame patch is done. I relocated the lower shock mounts because they were almost bottomed out when flexed. I believe when the bump stops flex going down the road, the shocks bottom out. Problem solved now.

I came across a deal on some 38x12.5 TSL/sx's. On the truck they measure out to 35" on some 8" wide rims.

Quick poser shot.
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By Stevsie
Cant wait to see it in action. Let me know if you want the topper off the runner. You can have it free if you bring the runner up here to get it so I can see it haha...or just come get it...
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By c10long
Ya. I'll swing up there. I'll take that steering box off ya if u still have it. I'll let ya know about the topper side pieces. I appreciate it!
By Stevsie
Id give that to you but my buddy kipp may need it. What sounds fair? I was thinking $40 you can have both the topper and gear box.
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By c10long
Sounds good to me. Let you know when I'll head up there.
By Stevsie
Sounds good ill be in the garage most the night. Shoot me a txt r somthin
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