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By axleater
I will be at Brad and Kim's Friday night. Night run down camp 5 area leaving from there.

The actual run will be saturday morning at Brad and Kim's.

Looks like 1.7 miles from Wild Bills campground on the Galena rd.
brads map.JPG
brads map.JPG (146.22 KiB) Viewed 7180 times
By MonteNorman
Sounds good! Let me know of you guys need some help Friday getting ready or I'll just just see ya saterday
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By axleater
night run on camp 5 friday night, you should join us!!
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By axleater
8 ish
By MonteNorman
Finally got a set of RCVs for the front axle. Trying to find time to put them in this week
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By Weasel
nice, they work really well, other then the install!
By MonteNorman
Officially parting out S10. Shoot me a offer on anything
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