talk about general wheeling tech(i.e wheels, axles,tires also for tech articals )
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By axleater
The front driveline finally gave up the ghost on the bonus climb out of t back so I need to order some parts. Where is the best (quality first, price 2nd) place to order a long travel 1350 slip and stub? I am going to order up a complete front driveline as well but want pieces to put my old one back as a spare..
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By axleater
Shackles in the front, don't need long travel! A longer stub will make the driveline the correct length without retu bing the shaft. The long travel stubs are also beefier and will have more spline engagement for strength. I use less Tha an inch of travel now :-o
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By axleater
The rear axle will be getting the white tj style rear link with a much cheaper air shock type unit for suspension. The front is going to stay the same for a while.
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