Introductions & Chit Chat: Keep it Clean
By Marsden Metalworx
Hi guys,

I'm new to the Black Hills and looking forward to making new friends in the 4x4 world. I drive a 87 Jeep Cherokee, or a 99 Jeep Cherokee depending on the day. I also have a Jeep Commander for the wife.

I am also opening a metal fabrication shop in Keystone SD. Any welding projects and misc 4x4 builds are what I'm looking for. Thanks for reading,

Matt Reed
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By axleater
welcome to the black hills! where are you from? how did you pick keystone for a fab shop?
By Marsden Metalworx
I grew up in Coeur'd Alene, ID. Spent the last 15 in Bismarck, ND. I couldn't take the flat ground any more and decided to try the Black Hills.

As far as why Keystone? I bought a house there with a decent sized shop. Trying to keep my overhead as small as possible so starting at my house until late I'm confident it's going to work out. I'll have to get a commercial space pretty quickly and haven't decided for sure where to move the shop to at this point. Any thoughts?
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By axleater
what do you specialize in? This area has more fab shops per capita than any place i have ever lived.
By Marsden Metalworx
Sheet metal and custom lifts. Also planning to convert a Jeep Cherokee to all electric drive (500hp/650ft.lbs. and 40inch or so tires). I'd like to do 4x4 conversions to electric as well for more daily driver types. (Who wants to drive most of the cheesy electric cars out there...I want to make electrics fun!) Just takes a ton of money to build a working vehicle to show its capabilities.

Any other types of metal fabrication as well. I'm currently building a stainless steel dining room table so anything is welcome. I've even toyed with the idea of a mobile welding rescue rig.
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By axleater
I have always dreamed of having a windmill and solar with enough battery to run the house and charge up and electric car to be able to drive 100+ miles a day on. Haven't seen the technology make it there yet though. There was a battery powered rock crawler at the 2002 super crawl if i remember right. not sure whatever happened to it though. Jason or Nate would probably remember
By Marsden Metalworx
The technology is definitely moving forward finally. Haven't pinned down the specs but should be capable of 100 mile range and not being much heavier than a comparable gas power plant and related equipment.
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By axleater
very interested in this. I doubt I would ever do it myself but it is definetly neat.
Welcome to the hills. Keystone is cool but little bit of a drive ro most places. I need some stuff built for my bizz! One is a rack for my truck I've designed but don't have time to build an i need it all the time. Also need another cut table built we designed but I its made out of aluminum! Do you weld that? I'm sure I could round you up more work also. Pm me an maybe we can meet up. I like good clean work.... My buddy usually builds my stuff but I guess he's to busy now .

The electric crawler idea sounds cool tho. That new electric dirt bike is the sheeeit . so hop on it an get it built. More n more electirc stuff making its way here. I might have to get back into the electrical world.
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