talk about general wheeling tech(i.e wheels, axles,tires also for tech articals )
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By axleater
I find myself needing another new radiator for the cherokee. This one is an ebay aluminum that is the same as nate runs in his race cherokee so i figured it would be good enough for me. Turns out it isn't and has a crack in one of the welds on the top tank.

What is everyone favorite radiator for the old cherokee's?
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By axleater
With the wisdom of Weasel, I have decided to go with an all metal radiator from Summit Racing. Hopefully this one will outlast the rest of the Jeep !
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By axleater
The summit radiator fit like a champ. is really well made, and appears to be cooling better than any of the previous radiators!

Now to try and get the A/C back in action just in time for winter.
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