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By axleater
Another great year.
Another year of learning new things.
Another year of a couple of club members stepping it up above and beyond the call of duty.

I did not realize that virtually no one knew what a couple of our club members put into their run this year for DTC. And I think we should all take notes and try to climb our way up to the bar that was set by Michelle and Marla.

They spent weeks planning routes. Then multiple days prerunning trails along with timing each aspect of their run. They had multiple options available in case something changed. They had their run dialed in to the point they made reservations for lunch. Their run offered great scenery, challenging trails for the level of participants they expected, hiking to historic sites, and stopping by local attractions just to add a little more fun.


I personally am taking what I learned from these two LEADERS to up my game for next year! And I challenge everyone in the club to try as well. Next year is the 40th anniversary. Not many clubs in the entire United States can carry on a tradition like we have. Let's make next year the best it has ever been.

Put your thinking caps on, lets come up with some new, old, great ideas for 2022!
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