Discussion about kicking it out of low range.
By cdawall
Am l looking at a ranger with a TTB and possibly bad motor/trans. If I were to want to enter it into the stock mod class would a cut and turned ttb be legal, or swapping the bad ohv motor for my good sohc motor? Obviously the motor was available in rangers just not that gen...the ttb will still be a d35, but how much are dream beams frowned upon.
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By Weasel
you have to keep the stock style suspension. So TTB is fine, you couldn't swap to a IFS system.

Engine swaps are mine, just has to be in the stock location, ie no cutting the firewall and sliding it back a foot. No super chargers, turbo's, etc.
By cdawall
Ah I thought it had to keep an oe available motor when we discussed the rules a while back.
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By axleater
just has to be a stock motor
you can put a 302 v-8 in a ranger if you want as long as it isn't hopped up on crack
external modifiers are allowed
carb, intake and headers. no head work, or internal mods allowed

remember if you show up with a race motor in the non race motor class the guys in the class can vote you up a class. or watch you break all your junk which is what usually happens when you put a race motor in a mod class [smiley=beer.gif]
By cdawall
4.0sohc and a normal 5.0 are splitting teeth. 4.0 bolts in seems like a logical choice.

For the rear would an expo 8.8 be legal (28-> 31 spline)
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By jason
yep--you can put whatever rear axle you want--widen the beams and cutting them are OK too. Just remember depending on what type of shock setup can be effected by those choices. DO IT

The more racers out there the better!
By cdawall
I'm trying lol I have been shopping for a dirt cheap ttb truck for a while. Shock choice can bump class if I remember correctly it was a single non bypass remote resi shock per corner right??
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By axleater
single 2.0 non res per wheel or res in stock location
or as many regular non rebuildable shocks per wheel as you want

jump on the yellowstone off road racing forum for more specific rules. you can also post up potential infraction questions just to make sure it's ok
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