Have a vehicle build or question, post here!
By allgonoshow
Figured I would start a thread over here too if you guys are interested. This is going to be another budget build, I have most of the parts already. I am going to try to keep it around $1500 but I'm sure I will go over. This is being built for my two young boys.

Plans are to use a bunch of tube, cab, grill, and hood from this truck. The patina'd look is going to stay. The back of the cab has a huge dent/crease in it. Not sure what I will do about that. Getting it out of there will be an issue too. It has been sitting there since 1963.


I have a couple parts trucks too.


It is getting the 429 from my 69 Thunderbird. Body and chassis is for sale if anyone wants it. Carbed for now, but will probably go to propane someday as money allows. C6 and a 203 to 1356 doubler. I will use my old cut 42'' Iroks.



I will use a chopped down 89 f-350 frame. Leaf springs all around. Dana 60 front and a 10.25 rear.



That clean crew cab and box is forsale too if anyone is interested.
By jeff
Don't suppose you want to donate the yellow stepside bed to a 76 ford race truck would you? I know its not the exact year stepside but hell they never matched the body style anyway.
By Ryan283
Sooooo, did that Thunderbird come with an inboard, or an outboard motor? ;D
By allgonoshow
Don't suppose you want to donate the yellow stepside bed to a 76 ford race truck would you?   I know its not the exact year stepside but hell  they never matched the body style anyway.

It is actually pretty messed up. I will get a pic for you when I get back over there. I'm sure we can work something out if you want it. I got the 89 frame in the shop and on stands tonight.

Ryan, the boat came with an inboard engine [smiley=beer.gif]. This engine came STOCK with 10.5 to 1 compression, 390 horsepower, and 476 lb ft of torque. I am going to put a cam in it and maybe a set of headers down the road. I might see if I can find a used aluminum intake to shed a little weight and get it breathing better.
By jeff
K thanks on the box. What is the engine code in that thunderbird?
By allgonoshow
It is a Thunderjet 4 barrel...I'll look on the engine code tomorrow.

I got the 89 cab and frame in the shop tonight. I removed the fuel tank, removed the cab and front clip, and did a little measuring. Might see if I can get pics tomorrow.
By allgonoshow
Plans may have changed. I might be using a 40ish? International cab, I think it looks cooler and it is in better shape than the Ford.
By allgonoshow
The cab looks to be a 1948 KB-2 International.

I started playing with front spring hanger ideas.


By Ryan283
Your abundance of cool old stuff, and massive work spaces makes me jealous.

Keep up the pics and the cool projects man.
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