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By axleater
I Developed an annoying " transfercase full of gravel" noise on saturday at challenge when exceeding 20 mph. Unable to locate the source of the grumbling we made an executive decision to keep it under 20mph and hope for success.
Well, the plan worked as well executed plans should and we finished out the weekend successfully driving on to the trailer for an uneventful ride back to the burnout ranch.
Fast forward to saturday evening where I received an invite to go play in the creek. Still apprehensive and somewhat concerned about the actual seriousness surrounding the damage to unknown parts that are generating the high speed noise, I gladly accepted under the simple rules of the original plan. Stay under 20 mph.
Luckily, during a mandatory gas stop on the way to the trail I noticed the probable source of the inconsistent but expensive sounding noise. A missing caliper bolt..
Which apparently also allowed one of the brake pads to escape as well furthering the sound of disaster.
Luckily I was in tow with Zip Tie master Ryan Stulc and we were able to quickly put and just the right amount of high tensile strength zips ties and move forward with one of the greatest rockcrawlering days in camp 5 history.
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